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Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
Roast: Filter
Producer: Daterra
Altitude: 1200 Meters
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Process: Natural

This beautiful coffee comes to us from the Daterra farm in the Cerrado region. The producer is pushing the boundaries of quality and experimentation. We have been featuring their masterpiece lots in our low-caffeine program, and now welcome for the second year this beautiful Yellow Bourbon to our filter collection. The coffee is delicate, with sweet notes of caramel, pralines and prune with a backdrop of orange blossom and jasmine. This is a fantastic coffee with a velvety mouthfeel.

The processing for our lot is truly unique – and the first clean version that we have seen in this style. The cherries stay on the tree for a longer time, going through the entire maturation process and drying whilst still on the branch. Daterra experimented with this new style and the quality team noticed a pronounced – and truly delicious – profile coming from certain plots at the farm. They separated those out, and will now conduct further research into the new dried-on-tree style.