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Origin: Intibuca, Honduras 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Roman Flores 
Altitude: 1820 meters 
Varietal: Lempira
Process: Washed

Los Chorros is a coffee that completely changed our perception for quality coffees from Honduras. This was back in 2017 – and we keep getting excited about this coffee season after season. What we like in particular are the grapey flavours and the silky mouthfeel of this coffee. Cup profile: Red grape, cacao nibs, dark fruits. Floral finish.

Los Chorros is an absolute delight. The flavours are not too outspoken and but never plain either – it’s silky and sweet with a medium body and a gentle acidity. A coffee that could be enjoyed all day long. The coffees from Roman Flores are always processed and dried to extremely high standards. The harvest season is from January until April, so now is the perfect time to enjoy Los Chorros.  

With the words of Roman Flores
My parents were coffee growers and I was surrounded by coffee from a young age. After I married, my wife and I decided to live in the mountains to manage the coffee plantation of my parents. However, in 2004 the prices came down so much that I could no longer provide for my family and I had to make a decision and migrate to the USA. With the money I sent back home we could grow more coffee and give better maintenance to the farm. I returned after 3 years. I kept working with coffee and my dream was to export to other countries. I shared my coffee samples with Rony Gamez, a coffee cupper who is also connected to international roasters. I am so happy to have a buyer for my coffee, especially because it is someone that appreciates the quality of my coffees as much as I do.  

Farm Specs
Size: 22 ha farm with 16 ha coffee plants
Exportable coffee: 85 bags of 69 kgs
Rainfall: 2500 mm p.a.
Harvest: Jan – April 

The region: Intibuca
The coffees from Honduras can be so amazing when they are from the right places and are processed well. They often have more complexity, depth and richness than other Central American coffees. Many specialty coffee buyers in Honduras are focused in and around the region of Santa Barbara. The region of Intibuca, however, is also very special and it stands out with delicious coffees, and enormous potential to produce more if producers can find a market. We are very happy to be buying coffees from Roman Flores for more than 4 years now.