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Origin: Yungas, Bolivia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Jeivert Pañuni Hernandez
Altitude: 1800 meters
Varietal: Typica, Caturra
Process: Natural

We are returning to the wonderful Yungas region in Bolivia for an exciting Microlot from Jeivert Pañuni. The mix of typica and caturra varietals, combined with terroir and the careful natural processing created a cup profile of ripe figs, cacao, panela and sweet spices. In the cooling, you find strawberry notes to come through. This coffee has a rich mouthfeel and it is super enjoyable.

eivert Pañuni moved to the Yungas region at a young age with his parents, who were coffee producers. Jeivert then did his military service, got married and then started producing coffee himself in 2005. He soon realised that he needed to focus on speciality coffee and certified organic production to differentiate its production.

Jeivert is very proud to have the largest plantation in the Avanzada area. Its coffee trees grow on this volcanic area under the shade of native trees, at an altitude of 1800 meters. This microlot is blend of typica and caturra, natural processed and dried on African beds in the sun. The farm, La Avanzada is located on an altitude that can reach 2040 meters. The farm size is 15 hectares of which 10 are dedicated to coffee production. Jeivert growns mainly typica (70%) and a small part of caturra (30%).

The Yungas is a narrow band of forest along the Eastern slope of the Andes. The word means “warm earth” in Quechua, a great description of this tropical warm and rainy region. These ideal coffee conditions grow 90% of the coffee that comes out of Bolivia. This coffee is very balanced and has flavours of caramel fudge, apricot, plum and raisins.

This geographic area is a forest valley located in West Bolivia. This land starts in Andean highlands until East forests with a tropical climate, rainy and warm. The very famous Yungas road also called “Road of Death” links La Paz city to Coroico on 80 kilometers. From 3600 meters above sea level, this road is well known for its extreme danger. The road was the only way to link La Paz to the Amazon forest. Steep slopes, single lane without railing, heavy rain, muddy ground, fog and trucks of agricultural commodities made this road sadly famous.