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Origin: Huila, Colombia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Heiner Lazo
Altitude: 1600-1800 Meters
Varietal: Papayo
Process: Honey

This is out first offering from Finca El Rubi, a honey processed coffee of the Papayo variety. The aroma has distinct notes of cacao and baking spice. In the cup, sweet notes of milk chocolate and cinnamon take centre stage, with secondary notes of raisin and nutmeg. A mellow acidity is supported by a creamy body, whilst the finish lingers with sweet notes of malt and vanilla.

The Farm
25 years ago, the farm was sold to the current owner Heiner and his wife Johanna. It was initially growing the variety Caturra, with Castillo being added sometime after. Nowadays growing on the farm there is Papayo, Pink Bourbon and SL 28. The Papayo variety, is only rarely found outside the Huila Department. The trees are strong and productive, and also resistant against roya. Originally beleived to be a Caturra mutation, however genetic testing indicates a close relationship with heirloom Ethiopian varieties. Papayo cherries are distinctive, with an elongated shape. It is assumed that the local name comes from the papaya fruit.