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Origin: El Tambo, Colombia
Roast: Espresso
Producer: James Fernandez
Altitude: 1750 meters
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed
Finca La Laja is located in the highlands of Cauca. The coffee plants grown in the pristine forest are outstanding in quality thanks to favourable climate and soil conditions. La Laja has been triple washed which brings deep flavours and great clarity to the cup. The cup profile boosts high sweetness with notes of dark berries, assam tea and panela. The body is nectar-like and rounded out.
James Fernandez is a first-generation coffee farmer. He also works as an agronomist for our partners, Banexport. Consulting other growers in the region, James learns a lot and applies best practise to La Laja. He planted Castillo and Colombia varietals across 5 hectares of his farm, and he recently added a Gesha plot. James has attained his Q-grader certification. All coffee cherries are hand-picked when ripe and both screen and density sorted before processing. Drying takes place on raised African beds under the shade of trees.