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Origin: Daye Bensa / Sidama , Ethiopia
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Dukale Wakayo
Altitude: 1950 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Washed

Bombe is a village in the Sidama / Gedeo region right in the heart of the Ethiopian Highlands. The micro-region has produced some wonderful coffees over the past years. We are sourcing our particular lot from a small washing station in Daye Bensa, called Wax. In our first season with Bombe, we feature two processing versions: A washed espresso and an anaerobic filter roast.

Our espresso has notes of caramel, orange, speculoos and green lemon. The mouthfeel is silky.

In the early 1980ies, Dukale Wakayo opened his first processing station, Awraja and his families, in Daye Bensa. Awraja was his nick name literally meaning ‘’zone’’ by the time, as he was famous volley ball player representing his administrative area called Bensa Awraja.

Today, Dukale has around 16 coffee processing stations in Sidama, Gedeo and West Guji areas. Apart from coffee he is in the hospitality business running also hotels and tourism. Wax Washing Station is the one located in Bombe village of Daye Bensa in Sidama Region at 1950 meters of elevation where washed, natural and anaerobic fermentations are processed. Coffee cherries are supplied to this site from Bombe, Shantawene, Durato, Alo, Denbi Segerra, and Murago.